We're Mary Anning Rocks!

Who Was Mary Anning?

If you want to know more about this remarkable, forgotten woman of science. Then read more about her here and join our campaign to get her the recognition she so rightly deserves. 


A statue for Mary Anning
isn't a new idea.

Lots of people have talked about a permanent monument for Mary in Lyme Regis, but nothing ever seemed to get off the ground.

The spark of inspiration finally came in the form of an 11 year old, fossil mad, local girl, Evie Swire when she asked her mother, ‘Why isn’t there a statue to Mary mummy?’

A few phone calls, emails and meetings later, and Mary Anning Rocks was born.

Evie Swire

Meet Evie

Hello, My name is Evie and welcome to Mary Anning Rocks. If you would like to know more about the people behind this campaign please click through and meet the ‘Anning Army’ and the helpers that work really hard to make this statue and learning legacy happen :) 

Meet The Team

Mary Anning Painting

So who was Mary Anning... and why did she rock?

You might be wondering who Mary Anning was and why we want to commemorate her. You're not on your own, many people know very little about her. Shocking when you consider the impact her discoveries made to the way we view the world today. Click the link to read more about her extraordinary life and work.

About Mary

Mary Anning Statue

Why is a statue so important?

We know what you're thinking, in this age of social media and all things digital, is a statue really the best way to celebrate Mary? Click the link to read more about why we think a statue is so incredibly important and check out Denise Dutton’s sketch of how she will look.

Why a statue for Mary?


Help us to raise a statue by helping us raise the funds

From the start of this campaign we were adamant that no public money would be spent on this project, so fundraising is vital. We're working closely with Lyme Regis Town Council on this because we want the process to be seen to be governed properly and with complete transparency. Click the link to read more ways you can help fund a Statue for Mary Anning.


Meet our Friends and Patrons

We are extremely lucky to have the patronage and backing of not only some of the great and good from the world of science and Palaeontology, but we also have support from all sorts of different creative and amazing people who love this campaign for a multitude of reasons.

Click and meet the amazing friends of Mary Anning.

Sir David Attenborough
Tracey Chevalier
Professor Alice Roberts
Professor Alice Roberts
Professor Jack Horner
Professor Jack Horner
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