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mary anning sculpture in lyme regis

Mary Anning Rocks

About the project

We wanted to acknowledge and remember Mary in a visual way because it was important to place her back into the landscape where she made her world-changing discoveries. A statue that would give her a tangible presence in her Lyme Regis so the people of Lyme and the thousands of tourists who come to visit every year have a focal point of remembrance and respect. 

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mary anning and her dog painting

Who was Mary Anning...

And why did she rock?

You might be wondering who Mary Anning was and why we want to commemorate her. You're not on your own, many people know very little about her. Shocking when you consider the impact her discoveries made to the way we view the world today. Click the link to read more about her extraordinary life and work.

About Mary Anning

denise dutton sculptor

About the Artist

Denise Dutton

As a committee, we spent a long time researching and reaching out to artists to find our perfect match. When Denise Dutton agreed to join us, we were thrilled. Not only does Denise have an impressive portfolio of public artworks under her belt, but she is also extremely skilled at combining figurative work with her ability to create beautiful animals. This made Denise the perfect choice for us. 

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hands holding a fossil

The Future of Mary Anning Rocks

Help us to continue to raise funds for Mary's Learning Legacy

From the start of this campaign, we were adamant that no public money would be spent on this project, and you all stepped up and smashed our crowdfund. We have now built Mary her statue, but it doesn't end there. To make sure Mary is never lost in history again, we have to go further. Click the link to read more ways to help fund Mary's Learning Legacy.

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mary annings rocks team

Meet the Team

If you would like to know more about the amazing people behind the campaign, the helpers, supporters, movers and shakers who worked tirelessly to make Mary’s statue and learning legacy happen, please click the link.

Meet the team

mary anning statue

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Our T-shirts are printed on award-winning 100% organic cotton, using eco-friendly inks, and made in a low-carbon factory that harnesses the power of renewable energy. If that doesn’t make you smile, how about all of our profits from selling our merchandise go to fund ‘Mary’s Learning Legacy’?  

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Meet the Patrons

Find out more about each of our wonderful patrons. 



Come join us and help ensure that Mary Anning is never overlooked again. Whatever you can donate will help our charity to continue being a modern voice for Mary.


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