Meet the Team

Evie Swire

Hello my name is Evie and I am 11 years old. I was born in a village just outside Dorchester and I go to middle school. I love my dog called Jacob who is eleven too! We think he is half Greyhound and half Labrador, but we are not sure. One day I will go into outer space or design interiors for houses. My mummy said I can do both because one day, even in space we will need places to live.

I am very excited about the statue for Mary and I am looking forward to seeing her very soon standing in Lyme Regis with her dog named Tray by her side.

Anya Pearson

I was born and bred in Manchester and went on to study Fashion Design & Marketing at Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I then spent most of my career in London working for High Street fashion brands like Warehouse and Marks & Spencer’s. Moving to Dorset fourteen years ago with my husband and son to run my own ethical fashion business Frank & Faith. My daughter, Evie soon came along, the inspiration behind Mary Anning Rocks. Last year as we were making our way off the beach from one of our many fossil hunts at Lyme Regis, Evie suddenly stopped dead and looked about her confused and asked me ‘Why isn’t there a statue to Mary mummy?’ That was our light bulb moment and I started to ask myself the same question.

I want to build positive and empowering female role models for all our children to look up to. To visualise for them, that gender and class should never be a barrier to who or what you want to be.

I currently freelance and lecture part time at the Arts University Bournemouth and live just outside Dorchester with my family and our rescue dog, Jacob. 

Cheryl Reynolds

I was born in Lyme Regis and educated at Lyme Regis Grammar School. After bringing up my family I trained to be a Medical Herbalist, which I have been doing for the past 26 years. I have done lots of fundraising for local causes and will continue to do so. I have a reputation for being strong, honest and hardworking and achieving aims I set myself. My vision is one of a thriving local democracy where everyone’s voice both young and old is heard and everyone is listened to. I believe that all communities deserve real democratic accountability.

Esther Yarnold

I was brought up near the coast in Dorset and was torn between a career in geology or the arts; my love of drawing and photographing my local environment eventually led to me study art and design. 

After a long and varied freelance career in the creative industries I now teach art and design at Bournemouth & Poole College. Working with inspiring and talented young people every day, and to be able to do this at a place of inclusivity, is a privilege that I wish could be considered ‘the norm’. Gender equality and inclusivity are at the forefront of discussions globally right now, and if we can raise awareness and inspire further discussion surrounding these issues, whilst providing an important work of art for Lyme Regis and for Mary Anning’s legacy, then we will have achieved something truly amazing.

As a fan of Mary’s work, I am excited to be able to donate some of my time to work on this project. I will be helping out with design and marketing work, and getting my students involved wherever possible. A huge thank you to Evie Swire for inspiring and instigating such a wonderful project. 

As well as working as a lecturer I also undertake freelance design work, and currently live in Wimborne Minster with my fiancée, rescue dog and two rescue rabbits


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