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We Have Been Pressing Buttons.....!

Posted by Anya on September 19th 2021

Get the latest update on where we are at with Mary’s statue.


Mary Sold Ammonites From Her Shop!

Posted by Anya on July 29th 2020

‘She Sells Seashell on the Seashore’ Is this child's rhyme really about Mary Anning and her story? It’s bothered me for a while, so I did a little digging!


What Breed Was Tray?

Posted by Anya on June 21st 2020

We get asked an awful lot that very question, so Evie & I thought we’d offer up our thoughts on the subject. Just what were the origins of Mary’s beloved Tray and why are we so obsessed with breed?


Most Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Posted by Anya on June 3rd 2020

We’ve decided to group together some of the questions you like to ask us (mainly about Tray) in one easy to find place. Most of this information is either on our social media channels or on our website but we thought it would be handy to have it all in one spot.


We Won’t Mention The ‘C’ Word - Promise!

Posted by Anya on April 5th 2020

It’s not all bad news! It’s gutting that we have had to postpone the launch of our Crowdfund on Mary’s birthday in May, but there is still lots you can do to celebrate her and to help us with the campaign.


You All ROCK On A Richter Scale Of 10

Posted by Anya on January 1st 2020

We were all so excited to receive £2,000 worth of items to sell in our eBay auction in December! Everyone was so generous and our ‘Anning Army’ came up trumps. We had some amazing donations gifted to us from all sorts of organisations and from all corners of the Paleo World.


Help Yourself To Our New Flyer

Posted by Anya on November 13th 2019

We get asked a lot by are amazing ‘Anning Army’ about how they can help, obviously pledging and making a donation is amazing but spreading the word too is just as important. We have uploaded our latest flyer for you to use and share. You can print it off if you like but even better, save a tree, and send it out via social media and email.


Annual General Meeting Minutes

Posted by Anya on November 13th 2019

Please see confirmed and signed off AGM minutes form our first AGM held at Lyme Regis Guildhall on the 26th September 2019


Crowdfund Launch Update

Posted by Esther on May 19th 2019

An update on progress for our CrowdFund Launch.


Evie Reviews New Children's Book 'Lightning Mary'

Posted by Anya on March 5th 2019

Evie was thrilled to be asked to review ‘Lightning Mary' by Anthea Simmons - read more about this new exciting book here.


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