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Our eBay Auction Raised an Amazing Amount

Our eBay Auction Raised an Amazing Amount

Posted by Anya on January 1st 2020

We were so excited to receive £2,000 worth of items to sell in our eBay auction in December! Everyone was so generous and our ‘Anning Army’ came up trumps. We had some amazing donations gifted to us from all sorts of organisations and from all corners of the Paleo World. When the auction came to an end we were so blown away by the amount we finally made. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and made bids on all of our items. You enabled us to eventually make £5,000 and every penny of what we made will go towards building a lasting monument to Mary Anning and kick start her learning legacy so she is never ever forgotten again. You all truly ROCK on a Richter scale of 10 an here is to another amazing year for Mary in 2020


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