Evie Reviews New Children's Book 'Lightning Mary'

Children's author Anthea Simmons will release a new novel based on Mary Anning childhood.

‘Lighting Mary’ is a brilliantly written insight into Mary Anning early life as she grows up in the seaside town of Lyme Regis.

Anthea explains why she was drawn to the story of Mary Anning.

She said: “The loss of her father resonated deeply with me. I had just lost my own father and her toughness and resilience in a man’s world really chimed with me.

“Suddenly, I had a powerful image of her in my head. A scrap of a girl, feisty and stubborn, telling it like it was and absolutely obsessed by the task in hand.

“Her grit, her persistence, her disregard for any social, financial or physical obstacle to her quest came through strongly in my head.

“She is a scrapper, is Lighting Mary, and she speaks to children and young people across the centuries to say, ‘just do it’.”

Evie was sent a first print copy of the book just before December and has enjoyed reading it immensely.

'I really like that the book is in two halves, so you get to read about the story of when she was my age, 11, and then the second half is when she is a bit more grown-up' Says Evie

Andersen Press the publisher behind the book and Anthea are embarking on a series of visits across the country to talk to as many schools as they can about the book.

'They are coming to my school first in Puddletown' Says Evie "And then they are going to go to as many schools as they can throughout the country'

If you would like Anthea and Andersen Press to visit your school please let us know and we can hook you up. Just email us here

The book will be launch in April - happy reading everyone!

Posted by Anya on March 5th 2019

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