You All ROCK On A Richter Scale Of 10

The secret behind the scenes tour of the Dinosaur Basement at The Natural History Museum London led by the totally awesome Curator of dinosaurs, Dr Susie Maidment, was a huge hit!

As was the fossil hunting expedition on the Yorkshire coast given to us by our amazing patron Dr Dean Lomax. Did you know Dean is the first ever palaeologist to actually name a new species of ichthyosaur after Mary, the Ichthyosaurus anningae? 

We also had a once in a lifetime chance to have lunch with another one of our amazing patron, the author of Remarkable Creatures Tracy Chevalier. Tracy very generously agreed to meet a lucky winner at The Anning Rooms at the NHM London and pay for lunch.

We had so many beautiful fossils and fossil related items donated to us by incredible folks like committee members Mike Harrison and Brandon Lennon and local companies like Zoic Palaeotech and the lovely Lizzie Hingley of  Stonebarrow Fossils – please go and check them out.

We had writers and artist too, like the award-winning author of Invisible Women Caroline Criado-Perez and Stone Girl, Bone Girl author Laurence Anholt and artist like Hollie Hues and Sarah Massini, all donating books and artworks to us.

When the auction finally came to an end, we were so blown away by the amount we finally made. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and made bids on all of our items. You enabled us to eventually make £5,000 and every single penny of what we made will go towards building a lasting monument to Mary Anning and kick start her learning legacy so she is never ever forgotten again. 

You all truly ROCK on a Richter scale of 10 and here is to another amazing year for Mary in 2020

Posted by Anya on January 1st 2020

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