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Evie in Absolutely Education Magazine 

Summer 2020

'Evie Swire's campaign has the support of David Attenborough'

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Trustee, Anya Pearson on BBC 5 LIVE

11th June 2020

Anya Pearson talking to Nihal Arthanayake about how celebrating the unsung and margianalised in bronze is a good thing. Not all statues are bad.

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Evie & Anya Talk To The Western Daily Press

January 2020

'This incredible woman is the most significant scientist to come out of Dorset let alone lyme Regis' Anya Pearson

Evie & Anya in the Guardian 

16th December 2019

'My mum said it was because she was a woman, and it was the Victorian times. And I thought it wasn’t right. Even after all the years since, it wasn’t OK for women to be amazing.”

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Evie in OX Magazine 

March 2020

Who Run The World? Girls! 10 future leaders set to brighten your 2020.

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Evie's Podcast with AJ from The Adelaide Show

4th October 2019

“We started the campaign because there should be a statue for Mary and no one was doing anything about it so we decided that we would do something”

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Evie's article in New Moon Girls Magazine

Nov/ Dec 2019

"Have you heard of Mary Anning? Most people haven't, but I want to change that."

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Evie in the NHM Wild World Magazine

25th April 2019

"This is a tooth from a plesiosaur collected by Mary on the Beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset. You can see some very fine ridges, which would have helped this marine animal to catch it's prey"

Evie in The Independent

25th May 2019 

Evie said she thought Anning “Would be very happy and pleased if she knew she was finally getting a statue in her name. Seeing this project come to life makes me very happy because I didn’t know that an 11-year-old could do something like this”

Evie reporting for BBC Newsround

8th April 2019

"I think that if Mary Anning knew that we were getting a statue for her, she would be very happy and pleased," says Evie.

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Evie on National Geographic Kids website.

29th April 2019

Evie wants to see her palaeontology hero recognised

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Evie and Anya talk to Steve Harris on BBC Solent Radio.

8th March 2019

"Important people have statues and she is important so she should have one built"

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Brandon Lennon from Mary Anning Rocks talks to Beach Combing Magazine

March/ April issue 2019

"Mary Anning was one of the greatest British fossil collectors who has ever lived"

Dorset Echo

August 2018

"We are very good at immortalising men in this country," said Anya. "But when it comes to remembering and celebrating the remarkable things women have done we are, sadly, really bad at it."

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Evie on BBC Spotlight News

September 2018

"This is the best place to find fossils, if you look carefully you can sometimes see them in the sand washed out from the mud"

Evie's interview with NHM

December 2018

'Mary wasn't allowed to join in and that is why she has been forgotten. If I had a time machine I would go back and tell them that they are all wrong, and they should listen to Mary because she was amazing and had important things to say.'

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Lyme Online

October 2018

A public meeting was held last week to discuss the possibility of erecting a statue of Mary Anning in her hometown Lyme Regis.

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Evie In The Week Junior

24th November 2018

"I love that she was a working-class woman in Victorian times who did amazing things. She did many things they thought it was a man's job to do."

Evie in KOOKIE Magazine

April 2018

"You might think that your single voice won't make much diffrence, but lots of small voices and small actions can add up to something big"

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Evie talks to Louise Hannan on BBC Radio Solent

November 2018

Evie explaining Crowdfunding: 'It's when lots of people gift small pieces of money to make it into loads of money”

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Evie in The Times

November 2018

"People who don’t live in Dorset don’t know who Mary is and I think a statue is a good way to let people know she was an amazing person because you don’t just get anyone random a statue"

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