Others Who Rock

Denise Dutton - Artist and Sculptor 

Lizzie Hopley - Actor, comic and Mary Anning impersonator

Julie Phelps - Principle Engineer at Calcinotto - Civil Engineers

Paula Bradly  - Brymor Constuction

Oliver Alister Cutts - Earlcoate Civil Engineering  Ground Works

Martin Miller - Terence O'Rourke Town Planning

Rachel Dunford - Photography 

Mike Harrison – Mike Harrison Fossils

Brandon Lennon – Brandon Lennon Lyme Regis Fossils 

Rebecca Warbis - Photographer 

Jim & Ben Mathews - Lyme Bay Holidays 

Francesca Evans - Lyme Online 

Dr Susannah Maidment -  Earth Sciences & Palaeobiology - NHM

Claire Wrixton - Wrixton Smyth Creations 

Adrian Wood - Advantage Digital Print 

Dr Mihai & Kate Acheson-Dumbrava - ZOIC Palaeotech

Phil Davidson - Charmouth Heritage Centre 

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