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The Artist: Denise Dutton

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denise dutton sculptor

Denise Dutton

The perfect match

When Mary Anning Rocks sought a sculptor to create their Mary, they decided to work with only women artists. They did this because it was clear from the statistics that only a handful of female sculptors were being commissioned in the UK for public works of art. We looked at some amazing female artists, but after much debate, it was the combination of Denise Dutton’s skill as a figurative sculptor and her ability to create beautiful animals that made her our chosen artist.

Denise has an impressive portfolio of public artworks, which include the Annie Kenny statue, Oldham, The Fine Lady on a White Horse statue, Banbury and the Women’s Land Army and Lumber Jill statue at the Memorial National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire. 

mary anning statue

A thoroughly enjoyable experience

"I am very aware of the hard work involved in getting a sculpture project like that of Mary Anning off the ground. I came in as the sculptor after the groundwork had already been done. Work that can be difficult, onerous, and trying!  Despite all that there was a total sense of enthusiasm within Mary Anning Rocks that was infectious. Working with them was a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

"Sculpture is my primary driver in life. I use it to describe feelings, relationships, shape, movement, intention, and aesthetics.  To work on a piece such as Mary satisfied all the aspects I have described and more." 

"Everyone I met who is involved with MAR and bringing Mary back to present-day consciousness is passionate about her, and that made it a real pleasure to work with them."

-Denise Dutton

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